Νόστος …..the sun, and the wind are different. The longing to be there is the same. It’s uncomfortable in the way all beauty is. It’s here. It’s gone. It’s forever. This brillance has sharp edges. Seize them. It will wound and heal you. Again. And again.

NOT my Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day I’m one of those many -though I hope they are few-who did not have a dad whose memory brings any joy. Or, really, anything at all. Not even anger. Imagine, if you can, having a Dad that did not seem to notice you. At. All. He was there, in the way that an odd smell is there. Troubling and more than a bit disconcerting. An absence in place, like a light square on the wall where the missing portrait used to be. How odd it is to try and find words for the Mr. Cellophane whose eye…

The Library Bar. A short list of literary libations

Welcome to the literary libation list. Thanks to James Baldwin. For so much, but today for his reminding us about the writer/drinking stereotype. Baldwin averred he had never met a writer who didn’t drink. Other literary gatherings may be otherwise, but I’ve been making a short list of author inspired cocktails. Welcome to the wordsmiths’ watering hole.The Library bar is open! Emily Dickenson. Wild Nights. Crushed ice, blueberries, and cognac. In a mini ball canning jar. Henry Miller. The Colossus. A shard of ice, a double shot of ouzo, served in a copper tinged .25 liter wine measure with a…

Personal Statement

In the 1970’s when romance got me on the one way boat to Europe the hard core Americans were muttering ‘love it or leave it’ to anyone who flashed a peace sign and had hair down to there, and knew the words to the musical.   At some point I’ll take time out to air my quarrel with Graham Greene for creating the eponymous ‘quiet American’ that put all expats in the position of denying their professional espionage credentials.   When you’re a likely spy, it’s even harder to ask questions and expect to get useful answers.  So back to the old…

Why Vote?

How I learned that my vote matters. For me, being a better American came through living abroad. While I loved my country. I also left it. And the lessons began early and continued often. The peace sign was scraped off my car on the Yugoslav border. From the start of a thirty year sojourn in Greece The angry and sly accusations about being CIA and:or a spy were so absurd and so familiar that a laughing denial would not serve for longer than a sneer. I had to open the worm can and grasp the slimy half absurd truths and…

Rosemary’s Baby

Taking a look at the Roe v Wade threat. let’s consider that these awful bullying insecure oafs might NOT have been born had there been a safe legal means to prevent or end an unwanted pregnancy. Unloved and unwanted children ….can turn out to be monsters. They are fighting for their lives. At the expense of others lives. Survival of the least fit. Least compassionate. Most damaged and damaging. Willing to sacrifice sisters, daughters, mothers, nieces, sisters-in-law, wives…..anything with a fertile womb. is this Rosemary’s baby?

Shrew (and Christine ) of Amherst

Susan Collins, U. S. Senator from Maine was born in 1957, on the day I (another Christine) became a teenager. That year, or maybe it was a couple years later, a schoolmate – yet another Christine! was assaulted by the the class jocks, inebriated on stolen hard cider. The possible charge of theft was the worrisome matter. It would have gone on the record. The girl wasnʼt hurt, it was said. I knew it couldnʼt happen to me. But just in case, I didnʼt attend even the one class party held without the parents presence that I was invited to….